Web Hosting Packages

212 Creative offers fast dependable hosting solutions as a convenient service to our clients. This allows you to deal with a single point of contact for your development needs and your website hosting. Review our plans below to determine the right fit for your business.

212 Cloud Hosting

A complete solution including hosting, maintenance, backups, updates and up to an hour of editing and updating content on your website. All this and on a super charged cloud server for exceptional site speed. This is the plan for a web-based business that depends on superior website performance!


Data Storage Limit2GB
Monthly Bandwidth3GB


212 Premium Cloud Hosting

This package is for high traffic e-commerce websites with heavier data transfer requirements. It’s everything included in our 212 Cloud Hosting without the storage and bandwidth limits.


Data Storage Limitunlimited*
Monthly Bandwidthunlimited*


212 Ultimate Web Solution

We totally get it! Some business owners just want a completely worry-free solution for their website. 212 Ultimate Web Solution seamlessly combines your website development with maintenance and support for a fully-managed website.


Data Storage Limitunlimited*
Monthly Bandwidthunlimited*


Which Plan Should I Choose?

Selecting the right plan is all about understanding your needs. If you understand how to maintain your own website and have the time to do it, the basic plan might be fine.  Otherwise, choose a plan with maintenance included. We will keep your software up to date for you, test your site or vulnerabilities, create backups, and scan for malware.  We do all of this weekly and send you reports to show what we did.  Most of our clients find the small amount of extra money is well worth the peace of mind.